Стратегическа инфраструктура и инвестиции, България 2017

About the event:

The development of infrastructure in Bulgaria should create the proper conditions for economic and social development to ensure effective and sustainable transport, to support balanced regional development and speed up Bulgaria’s integration within European economic space.
Annual Conference "Strategic infrastructure and investments", organized by The CITY Media Group, is a highly appreciated by the industry event that provides a platform for communication and discussion at the highest management level – for the public sector and the institutions, the leading companies on the market and the experts in the sector. The event provides an opportunity to communicate and discuss trends, policies and strategies in the planning, financing, construction and development of the strategic projects in Bulgaria and the region.

Highlights of the programme for 2017 will be:

• Development and funding of strategic infrastructure of Bulgaria — strategies, plans and expectations. Priorities and investments plans 2017-2020.

• Transport and transport infrastructure Bulgaria 2014 - 2020 - current state, projects and approved funding for roads railways, ports, terminals, urban transport. Transport infrastructure innovations. European funding for transport projects. Economics and priority transport projects.

• Ecologic infrastructure - priorities and water management, water and waste engineering projects. Projects 2017-2020

• Energy infrastructure - projects and investments in gas interconnections and electric power infrastructure 2017 – 2020. Nuclear energetics development.


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